Transcend Corporate Wellness Program

You can give your business and employees the vast benefits of meditation.  You will notice your staff is more productive, healthy, energetic, focused and harmonious with one another.  Meditation is an enjoyable and easy way to inject wellbeing your workplace.   Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra swear by meditation to help them increase their productivity, health...and profitability.
Less intimidating than yoga - you don't need to wear any special clothing or have any experience - you simply come in, lie down, and let us do the rest.  When you return to work you will feel recharged and ready to crush the rest of the day.   We also offer yoga at beginner levels if you want to switch it up!

How it works:  You make the choice between guided meditation or yoga. We come to you, transform any space into a relaxation lounge or yoga studio and treat your employees to a 40 minute healing, calming and energizing meditation or yoga session. You provide a room and we bring the mats, the music and the zen!

Benefits for you include increased productivity, decreased sick days taken and a more positive, co-operative environment is fostered when your staff members feel genuinely good and grounded.

This service is tax deductible for you and may decrease your employee health insurance premiums.  You have the choice of paying for the service in full or subsidizing the cost for your employees...your choice.  We are here for you.
This convenient, enjoyable and effective program for your employees allows them to de-stress, power-up and experience all the wellness benefits of meditation or just 40 minutes!

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