I created Transcend because I believe that within every challenge lies the opportunity to grow, expand and become happier and more fulfilled. We can TRANSCEND our difficulties, and through them move to a better, more joyful place in our lives.  Psychologist Abraham Maslow states that the highest form of evolution is Trancendence: ‘the desire is to go beyond our ordinary human level of consciousness and experience oneness with the greater whole and the higher truth.’

I’ve discovered that once you start tapping into your higher self, you expand into such love, gratitude and inspiration that every day of your life can bring humbling, heart-warming experiences and 'aha' moments. 


Mediation is such a huge part of my self improvement work because it’s the WAY IN: it’s how you take control of your life, mind and choices.  It gets you out of the 'victim' mentality and helps you become the unstoppable 'warrior' in your life.  Meditation gets you in touch with YOU - your higher self; the only real guide you’ll ever have.  It calms the nervous system too, in fact Meditation is how I cured my chronic anxiety without drugs.  And then I started to discover how rich my life experience was getting as I used those techniques in the greater scope of my life.  You see, mediation doesn’t have to be something that stays on the mat where you lie for 20 minutes a day.  Meditation teaches you a present, alive, aware, problem solving, expansive and joyful state of mind and being that you take into your relationships, career, exercise - every aspect of your life.  Living mindfully is richly rewarding and transformational, and mediation is a simple way to take you there.  It’s non denominational and works with any faith; whatever you believe in meditation helps you tap into that force which is greater than yourself. 

ABOUT ME: Philosophies: 

I believe in a body/mind/soul approach to transforming our lives. I love to celebrate the body I was given and to nourish, stretch & exercise it.  I use meditation to clear and open my mind, so it becomes a tool that thinks the thoughts that serve me, rather than disempower me.  I believe in allowing my spirit to tap into something greater than me:  God Force, The Universe, Your Higher Self, Source Energy or whatever name it has for you.  It has never led me astray.

I work to stay present and to choose LOVE over FEAR in each and every situation - and no it isn’t always easy! To me this is DYNAMIC MEDITATION.  It’s where you use those meditation tools in each situation.  You could call it being MINDFUL or PRESENT,  and it’s a practice that will enhance every aspect of your life.  I have healed greatly over the last 10 years. I have an incredible son who I nurture and support with all my heart.  He is the greatest light in my life.   I look better in my 30s than I ever did in my 20s, I’m rarely sick and I can face whatever heavy stuff comes my way with strength and tools.  I no longer have crippling anxiety, I love my life, I can thrive in any situation - and that wasn’t true for me a few years ago.

And It's not because I'm ‘super positive’ or because I have good genes that I decided to thrive in life.  Like many people I have struggled with addictions, abusive relationships and 10 years of eating disorders.  I could just as easily classify myself as an unsuccessful, divorced single mother with no real prospects.  But fuck that.  I don't let that chick run things for more than a minute.  Instead, I make the choice to tap into the resilient, solution oriented, spiritually guided, compassionate, healthy and beautiful self that exists somewhere in all of us.  You can mine that diamond, polish him or her up and put all your faith in them.  They will grow and expand and lead you to your highest possible destiny.  YOU have the power - not your situation or anyone else in your life.  You came into this world alone and you will leave alone - so you can sure as hell save yourself while you're here. 

Historically ;) 

I’m a mixed race girl from small town Canada.  I was fortunate to travel around the world with my parents, because while we didn't grow up with much money, my dad is a talented researcher so he received grants to spend months at a time in the high Himalayan mountains.  It's so remote that there is no electricity or running water, and in the villages they live as if in biblical times...and don't know that the rest of the world doesn't!  I was the first one to explain what a 'movie theatre' was to my friends in the village.  Living in such pristine, natural environments and with such simple, kind people gave a perspective on earth-centered wellbeing and community.  It taught me that it's relationships and moments that matter, not stuff.  Children who had not one toy - but were effortlessly grateful, curious and delighted - these were my wise teachers.

As a young adult I got far from this stuff - real far.  I struggled with debilitating health issues which had me in hospital from recurring infections several times a year.  I ate poorly, didn't treat myself well and battled eating disorders. I had emotionally abusive boyfriends.  I lived in a victim mentality, feeling powerless and blaming every one and everything for my struggles.   I finally decided after several hospital stays that would be sick no more. My path to healing and expansion began.  Along with being an actress and professional dancer, I loved the healing arts and helping people to heal.  I became a reiki practitioner, Meditation coach and Life coach.  I have studied herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energy healing, Bach flower remedies and crystal healing.  What works for you really comes down to what RESONATES with you.  As long as you're seeking solutions and being good to yourself, you will find the path that heals and helps you.  Just like your spirituality is between you and what you believe in, so is your ‘healthy lifestyle’ going to be uniquely yours. 

It is my mission to inspire each and everyone of you to discover your divinity: your perfectness, and your innate connection to all that is.  So that you fully love yourself and treat yourself right, and are a light to everyone in your life.  You can heal, and indeed, we can all begin to move from a mindset of fear to a Mindset of Love or Spirit.  It begins small, it begins with you, and it begins with you deciding that you are going to enjoy this one, radiant, temporary existence here on earth.

With love,