By Sitara Hewitt |   | tagged " Detox "

I often get asked how to detox after a period of illness, stress, poor eating or travel. These tips are perfect for any time you feel motivated to start fresh and re-vitalize your body inside and out.

Modern medicine can be helpful for acute illnesses, but presrciption drugs and anti-biotics can seriously deplete the body of beneficial bacteria and leave residual chemicals behind.  After an injury or illness I am always super motivated to detox and nourish my body so that I feel better than ever!  Here’s my plan of attack;


I blend kale, spinach, romaine, cucumbers, strawberries, frozen berries, pineapple, apple, peach or any combination of about 3 veggies and 2 fruits with pure water or coconut water.   You will feel amazing from doing this alone!  It’s like going to the spa every day for the inside of your body.  You skin will glow, your energy levels soar and your digestion becomes regular as you purge old toxins from your digestive system.   Plus you get a major mood boost from all the oxygen-rich chlorophyll.


I love the Bio K drinks because the beneficial bacteria in them is alive and easily absorbed. You can take probiotics in pill form but be warned this is not an area to buy a cheap drug-store brand as sometimes the bacteria is always dead so you get zero benefit from those pills. Spend a little more and get a health food store brand. Take 3-5 pills a day for a month. Or one Bio-k a day for a month. After that you can drop it to 1-2 pills a day and about 2-3 bio k a week for maintenance. Benefits: no yeast infections or candida overgrowth after anti-biotic usage. Skin blemishes clear up, digestion becomes regular and gas and bloating are eliminated. Immunity greatly increases and colds and flu and other mucous causing illness decrease. Mood gets better too!


I like Shilajit, which is a compound collected in the Himalayan mountains where the soil is rich and there is little polllution. The earth there contains micro-minerals which our over-farmed soil does not…and our western diet is seriously lacking in from over-processing of our foods. Your body needs these micro-minerals for healing, regeneration, detoxification and energy. I also like other mineral supplements like QuintEssential which is a deep-oceanic derived mineral. One of those boosts my energy for the day. Also, a good tip for holiday season: if you had any alcohol the night before one of those will serious replenish your body and take care of a hangover.


If you don’t go to the bathroom twice a day chances are you have a lot of old fecal matter backed up in there - yuck! it’s inhibiting absorption of all the good stuff you’re taking in, plus can make you bloated, gassy and lethargic. Yeast and parasites grow in it too. Get a good herbal colon cleanse and take it for a couple of weeks. You’ll be amazed at how flat your stomach gets, how an extra couple of pounds can drop off if needed, and how much healthier you feel afterwards. I had terrible breakouts on my face recently and did a week of a colon cleanse and my skin cleared up immediately!


Depending on your level of strength at this time, start small and go bigger as you get stronger. Walking briskly is a great way to get circulation going and pump oxygen into your system. Walk somewhere with hills to increase the intensity or put the treadmill on an incline if you’re at the gym. Strength training with weights is fun once you know how, and really builds muscle and endurance. Book one session with a personal trainer to pick up some techniques. I love to do yoga, whether on my own at home or in a class. Go out dancing with your friends or if you have kids, put on their favorite dance music and have a dance party in the living room! They will love it and you’ll feel great too. I often race my son at the park or jog while he rides his bike. If you work long hours take 15 minutes to eat your lunch and then 45 to power walk close by, just bring some tennis shoes with you to the office. There are lots of ways to get active in any equation, be creative!

Gently rebuild your system after any period where you weren’t able to take care of yourself fully. Your body will benefit from a gentle detox and your mind will get clearer too. You only get one of these miraculous bodies - nourish and celebrate it with love!