Think and grow happier

By Sitara Hewitt | 

Think and grow…happier.Let’s consider for a moment the connection between what we think and how we feel, act and the experiences we attract.  It’s a tough one to measure, so it tends to get discounted, but as Louise L. Hay says “Anyone who doesn’t believe there is a connection between the mind and the body clearly has never had a sexual fantasy!”   There are many scenarios that you think of all day, that cause your body to react one way or another.  Taxes make me feel panicky, laundry makes me feel pretty neutral, contemplating a drive in rush hour traffic makes me feel defeated….and thinking about my next trip to the Caribbean with those crystal blue beaches just makes me start to melt with happiness.   Now consider for a moment that whether you believe in affirmations or not, you are saying them to yourself…all day long.  Unfortunately a lot of them are negative ones.  "I should go to the gym more."  "I don’t have enough money/can’t afford that."  "I’m tired."  "I’m stressed."  "I’m out of shape."  "I don’t get the support I need."  We say them, we think them and we complain them. It’s almost more accepted in our society to complain than it is to share our wins or blessings!   Now I’m not suggesting we ignore what bothers us and walk around with forced smiles, repeating “I’m so perfect in every single way!”  No.  Let’s not confuse affirmations with negating the present or lying to ourselves.  And there is a difference between bragging or saying that we are better than others, and simply appreciating and loving ourselves.  The first one is driven by ego, the second one is driven by spirit, and the aim to uplift ourselves AND others – not to put anyone down or make them feel lesser (arrogance).

Now let’s consider that we have a choice, as to how we react, in every situation – even if it’s just in the thoughts we think about what is happening.  And if we are going to keep beating on the drum of all we are not good enough at, all we are afraid of and all that bothers us….we are probably going to just get more of that stuff.  And what fun is that?  Some motivators state:  "You get what you think about all day long."  So perhaps it’s safe to say that the mind likes to do what it does best; THINK, and that we actually have control over WHAT IT THINKS, and that if we can decide to think more empowering, hopeful, grateful thoughts, then we may get more things in our life to be hopeful, grateful and happy about.   Even if it just shifts our focus initially onto what we have been taking for granted, because what we dislike or are unhappy about sometimes had seemed more powerful.  We’re all guilty of complaining about work. Or the cold, or a head cold, or someone who has really bugged us lately.  In these moments we are unaware of our blessings, our stress levels rise and generally we are not really that great to be around.   In fact, scientifically it has been proven that negative thoughts produce hormones that make us feel tired, sick and irritable, while positive and grateful thoughts cause us to release feel good hormones that make us happy and strengthen our immune system while lowering stress.  – Dr. Liesa MD has a great article on all the health benefits of a positive mindset here:  http://drliesa.com/power-of-positive-thinking-hormone-balance/  Layer on to that the theory that ‘like attracts like’ and we could say that: when we focus on our blessings we will simply experience more blessings.  When you think and speak positive thoughts or act peacefully you will be a pleasant to be around, and so people are likely to give you more of what you want, appreciate you more, and you’ll know you’re being a force of good in your world – instead of a force of drudgery and misery.   Sounds pretty alright!

So now that I’ve convinced you, here’s some tips on how to do it. Best technique to get out of a defeating stat of being and into the moment is to  1. Take a few deep breaths.  2. Acknowledge the thoughts and say to yourself "I’m willing to let these thoughts/this mindset go now"  3. Start stating some things your grateful for in your life, and immediate vicinity.  Gratitude affirmations are things like "I enjoyed the sunshine today"  "I am blessed to be able to take a walk on my own two legs"  "I love my comfortable bed"  "I am blessed to be able to afford a delicious and healthy meal"  "I love my mother/father/sister/partner/friend and I’m lucky to have them in my life."   4. Begin to replace the negative thoughts you were having with more positive and loving affirmations. (loving towards yourself).  Writing down some mindsets you’d like to achieve is also very helpful, seems to make them set in more.   Sometimes I just visualize myself holding up a big red stop sign to the negative thoughts when they seem to be spiraling out of control. Just say no to them and move forward with love.  I’ve experienced it and I’ve seen it work for others.  There is a magical and practical way that positive affirmations work, and you can say them in your head any time:  first thing in the morning, while driving, on the subway, waiting in line, lying in bed at night.  Stick with them for a few days and see if your outlook, life or health experience a positive change.   Check out the ‘Positive Affirmation Library’ on my site for some ideas. Take a deep breath, and know that you are loved, simply because you exist!   XO