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Lose the weight and keep it off!

I like a nourishing, easy, healthy plan for losing weight.  One that I’ll enjoy sticking to.  Yo-yo dieting and a cycle of deprivation and bingeing is draining, hard on our self-esteem and rarely works.  But when we come from a place of motivation and self love and then commit to clear solutions, our efforts that really work. When we see results and feel good at the same time, a domino effect is created and we enjoy staying the course of healthy slimming!    Also, I’ve found that my plan has helped me ‘reset’ my set weight to a lower weight.  You know that weight that your body seems to want to gravitate towards?  You can actually reset that so it’s naturally lower all the time.  I am about 10 lbs lighter than I was in my 20s, and I always stay around that point now.

Let’s start from a place of empowerment: you’ve been given one body for this journey on earth, it's worth making the most of!    And when we feel slim we typically have more energy, more confidence, and it's always fun to celebrate a healthy, fit body!


Throw away your scale.  Yep, you heard me.  We are going to focus on how the body feels and how our clothes fit, not on some numbers that usually end up making us feel worse.  I haven't had a scale in about 10 years.

Next:  Commit to losing some weight.  And commit to doing it by celebrating and loving your body- not by beating it up.  Stop saying all demeaning things about yourself and your body.  "I got so fat!"  "I feel like a whale"  "You're so skinny, I'm not!"  etc.    These statements only keep your self confidence and motivation low, and what we focus on grows.  Yes, if you focus on how much weight you have to lose, or how big you feel...you'll just keep perpetuating the cycle.  When we feel down about ourselves...it's much more tempting to eat that doughnut for distraction.

Conversely, when we start feeding ourselves loving, motivating thoughts and words, we are more likely to say:  I don't need dessert, I feel so great without it!   I'll have an apple instead and I know I'll feel better tomorrow for it.    Acknowledge that your body is a miracle:  There's nothing it can't do!  Your body is strong and beautiful and uniquely yours.  Start to love it.


1. Swap one of your meals for a delicious smoothie.  I eat a smoothie instead of breakfast:  It's quick, easy, I can take it on the go to drop my son off at school.  I fill it up with protein, good fats, greens, and berries.   


1 cup almond milk or coconut milk or coconut water

1 handful frozen berries

1 scoop vegan protein powder

1 tblsp almond butter unsweetened 

1 handful spinach or kale


2.Get active

For at least 45 mintues a day get your heart rate up.  Take a class, go for a jog, or power walk for one hour.   

If you really want to see results fast there is a short cut:  Do early morning cardio.   Wake up, have some water or green tea or coffee and get outside or to the gym.  Or push your child in their stroller to wherever you're going.  Even 30 minutes of exercise BEFORE you eat breakfast (or have your smoothie) will burn into your fat like you've never seen. Make sure you eat within 2 hours of waking up though to get your metabolism going.

I suggest some early morning exercise and then a little bit in the evening too.  You can have a dance party with your kids!  Go for a walk with them!  Throw the ball around and chase them at the park!   While they play, do some push ups, sit ups and deep squats.   Keep moving rather than look at your phone or watch TV...you'll see results and you'll have more energy.

3.  Eliminate all sugar and white flour products.   These are the weight gain culprits.   Don't eat them!  choose fruits instead of sweets.  I like frozen grapes!   Have a tablespoon of unsweetened almond butter or peanut butter to stop a craving.   Eat whole grain pasta, and try out wraps or ezekiel bread instead of loaf bread.  Also please eliminate overly processed, chemical laden foods.  They make you bloated, moody and have cravings!  Things like coffee creamer and low fat yoghurt…all chemiclas.  I was taking a ‘natural’ creamer for a while, it was even touted to help you lose weight.  I got more and more bloated and gained a few pounds, until I realized it was one of the only very processed things I was eating.  I eliminated it and my tummy got flat instantly.  I eat tons of fat…but all good, whole-food type healthy fat.  Which leads me to my next point:

4.  Eat good fat!   YES!  Good fats don't make you fat.   Olive oil, avocados, hummus, virgin raw coconut oil, nuts are all wonderful sources of good fats and will keep you full longer and help you get slim.  Processed fats like those in chips, fast food, and desserts are the bad guys.   Also swap your butter for olive oil or virgin coconut oil.  

5.  Eat this as one of your meals - when I'm doing this I always loose weight and feel slim, but not deprived or starving because it has good fats, protein and healthy carbs in it.  Much better than those lackluster ice berg salads with cold chicken.  

*Fry an organic egg in virgin coconut oil or olive oil.

Put a piece of ezekiel bread (a hearty, high protein bread you can find at most grocery stores) in the oil to saturate it and make it last yummy.

Cut up some avocado, top the bread with the egg and avocado and some sea salt.    It tastes amazing and will keep you slim and satisfied.

6.  Drink lots of water.  Drink sparkling water instead of juice and pop.   Try green tea throughout the day for energy and a fat burning boost.  It's important to stay hydrated - a lot of times when we crave treats or snacks we are actually thirsty...so up that fresh water content!

7.  Eat more fruit and veggies!  They keep you full and give you more vitamins and fibre than processed foods.  Plus your immune system will get stronger and your skin will glow.

8. Cut down your portion size.  You can still eat what everyone else is having for dinner, or enjoy restaurants.  Just eat 1/3 less than you usually would.  Eat slowly, so you can feel when you're satiated and don't eat past that point.  Smaller meals more often is better than a couple of big ones.

9.Cut down on alcohol.  Yep.  Especially in the first phase of really dropping weight - then you can introduce a glass of wine or two when you’re in a maintenance phase.  Alchohol has a lot of sugar in it, and you may tend to have less energy the day after drinking, which leads to unhealthy eating and snacking choices.   Cut your intake in half and see what happens.  

There you go.  It’s more of a lifestyle enhancement than a diet and I guarantee you won’t feel deprived or starve.  Enjoy yourself as you become more vibrant, energized and slim!  Focus on loving yourself, exercising and committing to your health and well being.  The weightloss becomes a happy side effect, and no longer an obsession.   I believe in you!  XO