EASY HOME REMEDY for colds, flu, anti-aging: VITAMIN C CRYSTALS

By Sitara Hewitt | 

EASIEST HOME REMEDY for colds, flu, anti-aging, detox: Vitamin C Crystals

Ok I’m a big fan of home remedies because I love taking control of my health and getting results immediately. But I don’t waste my time on the mild, so-so home remedies…no, when it comes to healing i do not PLAY. When I stumbled on the “Vitamin C crystals cure” I was amazed at how instantly effective they were! Now, vitamin c is one of those things we have been told about since we were kids, and honesty i had written it off as basic. I had tried taking ‘mega doses’ of vitamin c pills when I had a cold and noticed no change. But recently I got a terrible sinus infection - like it had me down - and I was grocery shopping and saw this cheap bottle of vitamin C crystals. I remembered how my mom had a bottle when I was a little kid and my sister and I loved mixing them with sugar and eating them. The thought of it made my mouth water. Also I crave sour/sweet things like sour gummy worms - though I don’t eat them because they are all refined sugar! But my sense is that when the body craves something it’s signaling a deficiency of some kind…and these yummy ascorbic acid crystals seemed to be calling my name. So I took them home - they were around 10$ for a huge bottle. I mixed ‘em up with water and added honey as they arevery sour, just pure ascorbic acid. Sometimes I use stevia too. Now to me this drink tastes like heaven - sour, sweet, refreshing and amazing. So I had another, really big one. At this point I was doing what’s called ‘mega dosing’ on C…which you can read about in this article.

Many studies have shown this method can cure cancer! So it sure as heck is gonna work on your head cold. Whatever you don’t need just goes through you so you can’t overdose. However, if you take too much, like I did on the first day, you will get ahem, loose stools. Like majorly. However it’s not painful you just need to stay near a bathroom and in fact it’s a really great detox - my tummy is flat today and digestion is great. Additionally, whatever is ailing you is often originating in the colon: acne, congestion, lethargy etc, so flushing it out is always a good thing I think. Just drink lots of water and coconut water to rehydrate. Also, if it happens you just back off the dose until you’re getting lots of C but not running to the bathroom too much. Everyone is different and the more sick you are the more you can handle. Vitamic C is a powerful anti-oixidant which means it neutralizes the free radicals in your system, is powerfully anti aging for the skin, boots immunity, detoxifies you and combats cancer. Pretty amazing stuff!

Now for me, I noticed after a few hours (and couple of trips to the bathroom) that I had more energy. I then went to bed and woke up the next day feeling like a million dollars. So much energy! I would say I was 85% better in less than 24 hours. And I had been so sick I could barely get out of bed. Astounding! Incredible! Revolutionary! I’m still taking the yummy crystal drink, just in lesser amounts now, and loving how I feel.

So give it a try, give it to your kids just in smaller doses, and let me know how you feel in a few days! To your health,
-XO Sitara