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With a couple more months of winter ahead you may be wondering how to bring a radiant lustre back to your skin.  I think it’s always a perfect time of year to implement easy ways to look your most gorgeous, youthful, dew-y self!  Sure, lustrous skin is great to share with a partner, and I’m also a firm believer in looking and feeling your best…for yourself too!   

Taking care of your skin from both the inside and outside is essential.  These are the steps I take to enhance my skin’s health and look. 


This is key! Dead skin builds up weekly on our bodies and face, and can make wrinkles appear deeper, make skin look dull and stops your moisturizing products from penetrating properly.

I love using those inexpensive exfoliating gloves from the drug store.  I scrub my body and then face lightly with them about once a week.  A natural loofah works really well if you can get the right texture, and I have some friends that love dry skin brushing.  All of it is great for skin health and also massages the lymphatic system and improves vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.  This helps with inflammation which can also cause the skin to look less healthy if left in check.

Here’s my simple recipe for a great at-home scrub fit for a Goddess like you:

Mix 1 cup sea salt
3 tablespoons honey
4-5 tablespoons raw coconut oil
A few drops lavender or rose essentail oil.

Cream it all together in a bowl and rub it all over you in circles while in the shower.  Rinse well.





I love to moisturize.  It makes my skin look youthful, glow-y and brings out the best coloring.  

At night I go natural; here’s my favorite fun little ritual.  I have a lush Aloe plant (they are not expensive and look as cool as they are functional).   I rip a piece of a leaf off at night, squeeze a bit on my hand and mix it with some coconut oil.   Then I slather that on and let it absorb before bed.  It’s quite miraculous how it heals and treats your skin!  The aloe reduces redness, spots and irritation, moisturizes and heals light scars and dark spots.  The coconut oil is protective in these winter months, deeply moisturizing and surprisingly doesn’t cause me to break out. 

For acne or pimples try dotting on some raw, organic apple cider vinegar directly onto the spot.  It dries up acne instantly!  Be sure to get the unprocessed kind as it seems to work better than the other variety. 

The bottom line with skin…is that it is a reflection of your inner health.  It’s essential to drink lots of pure water all day, and limit caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars.   Nothing makes me look more dull and tired than several days of eating sugar!   Try to have a green smoothie each day or eat lots of cooked greens, they are essential for feeling and looking your best!

These supplements will help maximize your beauty and youth for a long time:

Omega fatty acids:   Good fats nourish the skin.  Omega 3, 6 and 9s are especially important for inflammation, and when the skin is inflamed it never looks as good.  These supplements also moisturize skin from the inside and promote good mood and a healthy brain so I never go without them!

Tumeric:  An excellent anti-inflammatory, tumeric will help you look youthful and can ease joint and muscle pain.

Silica:  derived from bamboo this stimulates collagen production, which help skin, hair and nails stay healthy and young.

Now that your skin is in it’s best health, you can apply some makeup and products to really bring out that glow.  I always start with a natural rose water spritz; it softens and protects and leaves skin with a heavenly scent.

I love tinted moisturizers or BB creams.  The tinted moisturizer by my fave cosmetics company, Mereadesso gives my skin a dramatically youthful and even look.  I always feel more beautiful once I’ve applied it and it’s great for your skin like all their products.  Then I use a cream blush on apples of the cheeks and finish with a dot of reflective cream or highlighter on the cheekbones to enhance that sheen.

For body I pick a moisturizer with a little mica or gold shimmer in it, you’ll feel and look radiant and sensual.

So look after your precious skin, and it will give you years and years of beauty and health.